28 de enero de 2033

Aromas de Mallorca - Palaci en Lloret de Vistalegre

sólo 35 minutos desde el aeropuerto, en el centro de Mallorca se encuentra el encantador pueblo de Lloret de Vistalegre. En las afueras se halla esta hermosa casita llamado Palaci (“Palacio” en castellano). Construida alrededor de la década de los 60 por los abuelos de la familia, Tomeu y Catalina, fue reformada y modernizada en el año 2009-2010.
En Sineu, pueblo situado a 2 km de Lloret de Vistalegre, encontrará numerosos servicios como restaurantes, bares, paradas de autobús y estación de tren. El bello Monasterio de Randa se encuentra a sólo 11 km, la ciudad de Inca a 13 km, Alcudia a 22 km, y la capital de la isla Palma a 29 km. Al estar en el centro de la isla, en unos 20-40 minutos en coche podrá disfrutar tanto de las playas de la Costa Nord, como de las numerosas Calas de la costa Este.
La casa (140 m2) dispone de:

23 de noviembre de 2016

The constantly changing house

It has been a long time since we wrote our last post, so we have lot of news to explain you.
Our family always listen to the guests demands, and apart from that they always want everyone to feel comfortable during their stay so each year they buy new things, redecorate rooms or reform or build a new part of the house. 

At the right you could see one of the new air conditioning units.
During this two years they have improve several things. In 2015 they installed two big air conditioning units at the house. Although the house is never too hot during summertime due to its structure, the fresh air is always welcome specially during the hottest nightsin Mallorca. They are located at the living room and at the hall between the bedrooms, so the cold arrives quickly to every part of the house when you turn them on and close the outside doors of the house so the hot air won't enter.

In 2016 they finally build a new barbecue area. The previous metal barbecues were useful but this one is fantastic. It's located at the left side of the house so the wind won't extinguish your fire, and has lot of beautiful logs that you can use. The structure is easy to use and clean.

The new barbacue area.

At the barbecue structure you can also cook an Spanish paella.

Sunbeds near the pool.

Next to the swimming pool there are four new wooden sunbeds for the ones who enjoy getting tanned by the sun, for taking a long nap below a tree, or for the ones who adore to watch the stars by nigth. 
By night from the house you can see the Milk Way with the naked eye.

Also this year a new parking area has been built. Although there is a parking spacec for two cars next to the house, there has been made a new paring area for more cars and the private road has been repaired as it was in bad conditions due to the water truck that comes each week to provide potable water for the entire property.

Building the new parking area.

At the right you could see the new parking.
Many of the glasses now have "Aromas de Mallorca" letters on it.

Lola always likes to redecorate the house, so during these time she has done lot of things: she painted many of the crystal glasses of the kitchen, add new pictures that she took, made and restored several furnitures as tables, lamps, shelves, etc, she painted the rooms,... the list of her improvements is quite long.

Room 1 has been redecorated.

Room 4 has now a new distribution.

30 de julio de 2014

What's new in Palaci: Satellite TV and more / Novedades en Palaci: TV por satélite y más

International channels: 
BBC World News from United Kingdom, 
TV5 Monde Europe from France, 
CNN from USA, 
ARD Das Erste from Germany, 

You can see the channel list in this link.

More than 400 international channels...

Anyway, if you can't find anything from your interest at the TV, there is a hard disk full of films that will entertain you. 


17 de octubre de 2013

Una casa hecha con cariño (II)

Continuando con la inspección de los detalles de la casa, en el comedor encontramos cuadros realizados con fotos hechas por la propietaria. 

De esta sala cabe destacar el precioso ajedrez y su mesa, que fueron tallados por encargo por un tío de Lola y posteriormente pintados por ella.